EINK Reader acts as both eBook Reader and Secondary Computer Monitor

The latest buzz in the eBook reader world is the EINK eBook reader or EINK computer monitor. The latest EINK eBook Reader (CBR) can be used as a secondary computer monitor when connected via USB.


EINK (electronic paper or epaper) screen is easier for the eyes to read the documents or web pages because they mimic the appearance of ink on paper. EINK eBook Reader has a 6-inch screen, Rockchip RK2818 CPU, 4GB of internal memory, 128MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, a microSD card slot, 1500mAH Polymer Li-on battery. The device is based on Linux OS and it supports EPUB, PDF, TXT, HTML, FB2, and RTF formats.

When the content is transferred from computer to the reader via a USB cable, the font size gets adjusted itself to the reader’s screen display. We can expect that, this product will be released in November 2013.

For more info about the reader, visit the source at “http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eink-monitor-and-ebook-reader-2in1-device“.


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