Guest Blog: My morning pages became my first novel

My passion for reading and writing blossomed when I started high school. I had to study very hard to get good grades in my math and science classes, but I excelled in my English classes with much less effort. Throughout college I kept a journal and later, after I read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I began writing “morning pages” which I do to this day. Writing has always been relaxing for me, a way to clear my thoughts and get things into perspective.

One day while writing my morning pages, I found myself reflecting on my father whom I was very close with until he died suddenly of a massive heart attack when I was only twenty-four. I was now thirty-nine, divorced, and between careers. I thought about how he so lovingly mentored me while I was growing up and how my life would have turned out differently had he still been alive for me to seek advice from.  What started out as a short letter to him in my morning pages, apologizing for the mistakes I’d made in life after he passed away, slowly developed into a novel. Through writing Running for Yellow I have developed a passion for learning the craft of writing and I hope each subsequent novel I write will be better than the last.

About The Author

Christina Varrasso was born in Toronto, Canada to Italian immigrant parents in1969. Her family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when she was five years old. She was graduated from Duquesne University in 1995 with a Liberal Arts degree in 1995. Running for Yellow is her first novel.


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