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RUNNING FOR YELLOW by Author Christina Varrasso is about Chiara, a hopeless romantic. As her life unfolds from early adolescence to adulthood, she breaks a promise made to her Italian immigrant father that she would first complete her education before pursuing marriage. After a traumatic incident with the parish priest, Chiara abandons her family’s faith in God and turns to science, which inevitably leads to her entering medical school. Chiara finds her life in complete upheaval after Papa suffers a heart attack and a series of anonymous phone calls force her to question the fidelity of her now-husband, Adrian. Blending humor, drama and a measured dose of suspense, Running for Yellow is a rewarding and endearing novel about coming of age and the restoring nature of family, love, and faith.

Christina Varrasso was born in Toronto, Canada to Italian immigrant parents in 1969. Her family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when she was five years old. She was graduated from Duquesne University in 1995 with a Liberal Arts degree. Running for Yellow is her first novel.

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