Featured Author | DANA MELINA KEAWE


This special book by Author Dana Melina Keawe, ‘IKUWA – Voices of the ancestors, is a biography/ autobiography/ cultural heritage book; a compilation of poems, stories and memoirs written about Dana’s life growing up and living in Hawai’i. Focusing on the challenges Native Hawaiians are facing today and how they are healing from genocide and colonization. And her heartfelt offering, to the Earth, to the Human race. To bring awareness, hope, inspiration and faith for everyone who loves Hawai’i and the Earth. And also a voice for the silent ones; Earth, forests, animals, and oceans which are going through drastic and irreversible changes.

“May this book help the people of Hawai’i to become a healthy and thriving society once again. Mahalo Ke Akua! ”

Dana Melina Keawe is a Kanaka Maoli writer, poet, musican, feminist, farmer, and a political environmental activist. She lives in Puna on Hawai’i island. Half the proceeds from this special book will go towards promoting Native Hawaiian Healthcare and a Natural Farming research center on Hawai’i island to create community gardens in all of the Hawaiian homesteads and throughout Hawai’i.

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