How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog

Marty F. Nemec

A good blog can bring you so many benefits, but that leads to the question:

What makes a blog “good?”


Well, before I get into that, I want to discuss some of the benefits of blogging.

Blogging is fun and entertaining. Some people like to watch TV. Some people like to read books or play video games. Other people like to blog.

Blogging is therapeutic. Sometimes it feels good to just vent all of your emotions onto a page, not caring if anyone reads it. Sometimes you have a loyal fan base and you need their help with a problem. Sometimes you just like writing informative articles to help people who might not know what you’re writing about (HEY! THAT’S ME!).

Blogging is social. If you use your time and energy correctly, you can make lasting friendships through your blog. People who love a hobby can search it…

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