Product Sneak Peek | Lektz Web Reader

Lektz eBook Business Platform has come up with a brand new web based ebook reader that will soon be made available to ebook enthusiasts. The new reader promises to be a cross-browser reader that works on all major web browsers. Reading ebooks on your PC or other devices without the need to install any application is the key benefit of the web reader. This will be an extension of the slew of reader solutions provided by Lektz.

The Lektz web reader is expected to be launched by mid-July this year and will be available through the lektz site on its Free Apps page. The initial version of the reader will retain several features from its mobile counterpart. The web based reader will also have the Lektz login and cloud sync options to access ebooks from Lektz Publisher stores.

For more information:

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Here is a sneak peek of the web based Lektz ebook reader:

Lektz Online Reader Two


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