Lektz reader soars to upgrade 3.2 for iOS

Lektz 3.2 Upgrade

One of the easiest things to understand is the way birds fly. The secret of flight is that once they are in the air, they flap their wings every once in a while to stay afloat and to soar skywards.

Similarly, a product or a business needs to keep ‘flapping’ to not just stay afloat but also to move towards higher accomplishments. Bringing out a product upgrade no matter how little it is, is still a very significant step towards a bigger goal. It’s yet another upgrade from Lektz and this time around it is for the iOS version of the Lektz ebook reader application. The upgraded ebook reader has added a very sleek look to the menu box and is designed to be responsive to different screen sizes and orientations. A full responsive UI is just the next step and this is a wee little precursor to what’s in store for the next upgrades.

Here is a quick glance of the features in your Lektz iOS Reader 3.2:

– Support for EPUB and PDF format ebooks

– Read books stored via iTunes as well as those purchased from Lektz Publisher Stores

– A detailed list view of the books with easy sorting options (author, title, recent)

– Flip the pages by swiping

– Dynamic page orientation to landscape or portrait

– Right-To-Left page orientation for reading RTL language ebooks

– Change the font size and style

– Change the brightness and themes to suit your reading

– Add Notes to a page and Bookmark them as well

– Like what you’re reading on Lektz Share it to the world using the social sharing options (Twitter, Facebook)

– Navigate to a page from anywhere in the book with TOC and GoTo options

– Delete any books in the list as per your preference

To soar with the Lektz Reader, talk to us at support@lektz.com

Photo Credits: http://ibc.lynxeds.com/photo/greater-flamingo-phoenicopterus-ruber/group-birds-taking


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