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Featured Author


Fresh on the heels of her acclaimed first novel, Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, Sally Fernandez has penned a sequel that will add more sparkling thrills to the trilogy she is authoring. Land grabs, political manipulation, and a terrorist camp, along with sea changes in the American psyche are skillfully woven to form a tapestry of intrigue. Written in the author’s patent style, readers of NOBLE’S QUEST will be beguiled by the artistic marriage of established facts with a storyline that lifts creativity to new heights.

Sally’s background encompassed project management, business planning, and technology, with additional experience in technical and business writing while living in New York City, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Her books of fiction incorporate this knowledge in the narratives.

Sally is currently under contract with her publisher, David Dunham. Her first novel, Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, self-published in 2011 under her pen name Jordan Ames, was republished in March 2013 under her true name. Noble’s Quest is available for preorder and will be released in June 2013. Meanwhile, she’s working on the third book, The Ultimate Revenge, to complete “The Simon Trilogy”.

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