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Finding Arab authors online is not that difficult. But to find them all at one place is always a tricky thing. In this blog post you can find the best links from the web that has your favorite authors listed in it. This page will be constantly updated with new links and you’re welcome to add any links that you’ve found to be useful as well. Just drop them on the comments section below.

Modern Arab Writers

This is an index page, listing  of some of the major Arab authors of our times. The page contains the author names in alphabetical order and has links to their biography. Though a few outbound links are not functioning at this time, it certainly is a decent enough collection of Arab authors.

Arab Authors’ Home on the Web

This is one of the most comprehensive list of Arab authors and has abundant information on each of the listed authors. It helps readers to find out who they are and discover their work. Authors are listed in alphabetical order according to their last name. This is a free service to authors of Arab origin.

Arab Women Writers

This webpage contains the bibliography of women writers whose works have been translated into English. Some writers mentioned here have stories and novels written in Arabic and/or French that may one day be translated into English. This is a brilliant list of women authors from various Middle East and North African countries.

Top 5 Female Arab Writers

The title of the page says it all. It lists the top 5 women authors from the Arab world according to Tom Little who co edits the online review magazine Sugar Street Review, dedicated to the culture of the Arab world and the wider Middle East.

25 Arab Authors Who Tweet

There are authors who mostly use their Twitter feeds to promote their work, but this list is of those authors who make interesting use of the medium. 

Arab  Author Collection On Pinterest

A really cool collection of books by Arab authors. A splendid visual presentation of the books as it is the norm with all the pinterest boards.


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