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The Arab population reads anywhere between 5-6 pages a year, says a survey. Not sure how true it is, but the reading habits are surely on the decline among Arabs. If there is anything that can bring about a change in people’s reading habits then it has to be ebooks. They are all over the place nowadays. eBooks – love them or hate them, but you can never ignore them.

How is it you are affected by it? All of a sudden, a friend who has never touched a book in his life posts on his facebook status or tweets about his new found hobby – reading an ebook in his smartphone or tablet. If you are an avid reader or someone who wants to try out this new found hobby, then we thought this brief list of Arabic ebooks available online might just be the thing you would need.

Islamic eBooks

A beautiful collection of Arabic ebooks. This page operates from Los Angeles and has a good number of PDF format ebooks. Quran, dictionaries for Quran and Arabic peoms are available in this site.

The Largest Online Purveyor Of Arabic eBooks In The World

Kotobarabia is the first online e-bookstore that specializes exclusively in Arabic content. It is an app based store where you have to download the app, and can purchase ebooks from within the app.

Extensive Collection Of eBooks

This site is aggregator of Arabic ebooks and has titles from a varied number of publishers, authors and writers. Varied genres of books and is a very user friendly site too.

My Arabic eBook

This site provides both print copies and ebooks. The speciality of this site is that it brings ebooks from a wide range of publishers and serves them on a single online space.

More Than 20,000 Arabic eBooks

Yes, you read it correctly. This site has more than 20,000 Arabic ebooks ready for download. Quran, Hadith, stories, novels, history, philosophy and many more such great topics to choose from. Most of them are PDF format books but still is a wonderful collection and is actually one of a a kind on the net.

Kindle Arabic eBooks

The largest online bookstore does have a host Kindle format Arabic ebooks. But the titles mostly cover “how to” language sections. It’s still an interesting collection that has an Arabic base though they are all English versions of Arabic poems and phrases.

An Upcoming eBook Collection

This store is relatively new compared to other ebook sources. It has only a few ebooks to offer as of now but promises to be an exciting space for many more Islamic ebook collections.

Arabic eBooks For Kids

Though it’s not much, it still has some colorful ebooks that can be used to teach kids about shapes and things in Arabic. The ebooks are in PDF formats and sample views of the ebooks are available so that you can make informed purchases.

Arabic eBook Reader

Read all your Arabic ebooks with Al-Lektz – the exclusive Arabic eBook Reader for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Download Al-Lektz Reader Here:


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