Arabic Bookstores You Should Know Of


Every time you search for Arabic books online, there is a varied list of results that appears for that query. Of course you have to go through every single one of them to separate the good one from the rest. But wouldn’t it be nice to have it all listed at one spot where you can just click on the links and find only the good ones? This is just an attempt to gather all such fabulous bookstore links. Now this can be a mix of both ebookstores and bookstore websites. Enjoy your reading.

Islamic Library

A library of Islamic books with categories for Islamic rituals, beliefs, Hadith, history, culture, family and more. Suit yourself to your requirements.

Islamic Books

This bookstore has  a very significant collection of Islamic books and the site is presented by Shayk-ul-Islam Dr.Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri who has written over 1000 books in Arabic, Urdu and English.

Modern Day Arabic Literature

Here is a very modern looking website that can be compared any of the best online bookstores currently active on the net. Topsellers, New releases and rare books are its specialities.

The Arab World Bookstore

Arab World Books in collaboration with has put together a beautiful collection of books. Fiction, non-fiction, architecture, children, cooking, healthcare – You name it, it’s there. Find books by your favorite authors, order them and get it shipped to you.

Popular Arabic Authors’ Books

Though it features a very small collection of books, every single one of them is a precious piece of literature by some of the finest Arab authors. All these books have garnered the approval of to get featured in there and hence is a trusted spot to quench Arab literary thirst.

An Exclusive Kid’s Bookstore

This bookstore is directed at serving kids between ages of 3 and 12 years. It also has a dedicated section for parents and educators. A lot of colorful learning material for kids is available in both Arabic and English languages.

Arabic Book Collection in

No bookstore list can be complete without the collections from and it is a  treat for all book enthusiasts. Arabic books are available in the hundreds at this site and it is all yours for the taking.

The Californian Arab Book Connection

This site operates from California and serves the world with its splendid collection of Arabic books. The books are classified into major categories as well as contains very niche grouping too. Can’t afford to miss it for anything.

Arabic eBook Reader

Read all your Arabic ebooks with Al-Lektz – the exclusive Arabic eBook Reader for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Download Al-Lektz Reader Here:


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