DysLektz – a window in the wall

DysLektz Reader Launch

Have you ever been locked inside a room with no windows in it? If not, imagine what it would feel like when you’re being blocked by walls on all four sides. Not something that you would desire or accept. A small window on either sides of the walls may not be much but would still mean a great deal to you if it can help you look at the view outside. This summarizes the factors behind the launch of DysLektz – a special reader app for the special persons who find happiness in reading ebooks.

Understanding Dyslexia

The name ‘DysLektz’ draws from Dyslexia and Lektz. For those of us who are new to the term Dyslexia, it is not a disease. It is a learning disability, especially having trouble with language, reading and interpreting words. The causes are not clear but the effects are extensive. But all of this doesn’t stop a person with dyslexia from reading. The question is how accessible are the books and ebooks to someone with dyslexia or print disability. The answer is that there is a clear gap between devising accessibility solutions and implementing them.

A window in the wall

Making digital content accessible to all is a responsibility and a commitment that needs to be upheld by all parties involved. This means, ebook developers, ebook reading app makers and reading device manufacturers, they all need to incorporate fonts, layouts, alignment options that are compatible with needs of special users both aesthetically and functionally. DysLektz is an ebook reader that is a resultant of staying true to this commitment of providing accessibility solutions. This may not crack open the walls but it sure provides a window to the dyslexic to read all they can.

This initiative is built on the Lektz ebook reader and is not just a variant of it but a complete ebook reader application for users with dyslexia. The built-in dyslexic font converts books with any fonts and styles to OpenDyslexic font, extending its support to PDF and ePUB3 standard ebooks. It is available at Google Play and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

The Features packed inside DysLektz

  • Supports ePUB, ePUB3 and PDF format of ebooks
  • OpenDyslexic font
  • Themes – Night Mode, Sepia
  • Brightness
  • Add notes
  • Goto page
  • Bookmark
  • Search (For ePUB)
  • Pinch Zoom (For PDF)
  • Social sharing
  • Bookshelf

– Add/Sideload & Delete Books
– Sort by title, author and recent
– Grid and list view


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