Get. Set. Forum.

Lektz Forum2

People like to talk.

And they don’t need a face.

That’s why enveloped letters and telephones were a hit in their days. And that’s pretty much the reason why the e-mails, blogs and facebooks of our days are what they are now. The formats differed, however the common denominator stills remains the space to express oneself. When it is just one person, it is a view. When two or more are involved, then it’s a discussion. When this has an objective and a process, it is a forum.

Now can you relate to messages that start this way?

“Welcome to the support page of…”

“This is the community page for…”

“This peer to peer help group is for…”

If this was still too vague for some then some hints are in order I suppose – “Support Page, Community Page, Help Group”. Yup, online forums, where else.

I want to introduce you to a new forum at Lektz. If you were wondering, yes, I just slipped in my marketing message here.

And yes it’s just another forum like the 100 or more you come across every single time you are online. Gamer forums (most popular ones), Tech forums (apps, tablets, quantum physics and all the geeky stuff), Consumer forums (complaints and more complaints) and some more too. You can easily observe that the afore-mentioned forums serve a very niche group of people who want answers or who can give answers within that niche topic. And these forums are popular for the same reason.

Coming back to the forum I’ve shared above, it is also bent on serving a niche interest group. It is for everyone who wants to talk about anything Lektz. (What is Lektz?)

Discussions that are expected to take place here are strictly about eBooks, eBookstores, DRM (both for and against), ereaders and the extras attached to it. Add a topic if you want some answers or join a discussion if you have the answers. Else, you can plainly share your ideas on how the product and the forum can be improved. If blogs are your thing, then the blog page is attached along with the forum as well.

If this is your niche, then “Welcome to the Forum.”

And let’s talk, because, “please read the first line of this blog.”


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