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I was taught a Yiddish proverb in my school; mostly many of us would have been taught the same that ‘Time is more precious than money’. It was not sounding so important to me then but now I really must appreciate the saying that every second of our life counts money. Of course who has time to sit, wait and do things manually, trust me no one does. With the automation at its peak now, you find almost 80-90% of our daily life activities are influenced by automators (I mean machines by the way). Need for automation becomes a necessity in all the industries that doesn’t exclude eBooks.

eBooks – What can we automate in eBooks industry?

eBooks industry is flourishing exquisitely now because eCommerce is becoming predominant online. Before 3 years consumers were skeptical about keying in their credit card info to buy products online. Today we shop phones, tablets, digital products, boutiques, accessories and even jewels online. This considerable amount of trust by consumers on online shopping led publishing industry to turn their head onto eBooks.

Now you know what to do – converting hard copy books into eBooks!

How do we do that?

  • Running OCR on hard copy books
  • Extracting text
  • Applying styles
  • Converting to EPUB standards
  • Validating and Proofing

Doing the above mentioned processes manually involved resources with different skills set, tools, etc. but most importantly time. It consumes loads of time to convert hard copy books into eBooks manually. We know time is money, eBook conversion companies’ charges to publishers are high as the tasks were time consuming.

What’s the solution? – Automated tool to convert your books into EPUB standards

We AEL Data have created an automated tool by using blend of technologies like PERL and VBA. This tool feed in word document and provides output in XML, EPUB2/EPUB3 and Mobi formats. This tool has considerably decreased our manual efforts in converting eBooks most importantly cost to our clients. AEL Data’s prices for eBook conversion are slashed down because of our automated conversion tool and its processes.

At last we need our clients to be happy.


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