Part – II: Where do E-Learning content go today?

ELearning Blog Part2

In Part – I, I’ve given thought over the 1st half of E-Learning content’s travel. Now it’s time to look into the applications that eat the raw content and deliver the interactive courseware to users.

By the term E-Learning I mean content that teach the students rather than being a same old text book. With Flash, the interactive content manifest into the broader space of education industry. However that’s an old legend, now we need content capable of delivering same interactivity, flexibility, graphics & animations, simulations, etc. into mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Droids.

We’ve up-to-date E-Learning authoring tools like Captivate, Articulate Studio, Lectora, Storyline, etc. to create interactive content. Do these tools can serve your purpose? Each has its own limitations and advantages to deliver the content in mobile platforms. Some of these tools deliver the content in HTML5 formats where some do rely on Flash still. But it is promising to see their note for exporting the content in HTML5 is not far away. Although the subscription/license cost of these tools play a big role in choosing one among them or switching to open source tools.

On the other hand, authoring tools like Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc. are flourishing to export the content in ePUB formats. But this doesn’t help you gain the interactive advantage of ePUB3 standards, where you would need ePUB conversion partners like us to do the enhanced ePUB3 creation/conversion. The competitive advantage of ePUB3 over the E-Learning suites is pricing and mobility.

After these evaluations, I’m being kept in a state to think that ePUB standards are ahead of E-Learning suites in the HTML5 and mobility utilization race. With these limited knowledge I feel that Education industry is looking at the E-Learning content getting merged with ePUB standards.

Lot more to write on web & mobile apps that helps to deliver this content via mobile devices, wait for my next blog!


2 thoughts on “Part – II: Where do E-Learning content go today?

  1. eLearning so so important for todays students. It will enable more individuals to better their future with access to great education information that may not have been available to them without the capability of eLearning!

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