Where do E-Learning content go today?


I always give thought in my mind to turn and have a look at some of the previous pages of my life. Similarly, when I turn back to have a look; until recent past E-Learning content has acquired the education and training industry. Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Moodle, E-Front, etc. where augmenting the cachet of Universities and Educational institutions. We’ve seen and received a lot of enquiries on content development and animation creation. Many organisations went deep into E-Learning business as they foresee the industry continues to flourish.

The intervention of tablets, especially iPads into the market changed the paradigm. With iPads not supporting Flash, Flash usage in content development industry has got depreciated. Without Flash where would the E-Learning content stand, the E-Learning content was limited to simple HTML animations and text content.

On that stage, the HTML5 came up as life-jacket for content industry. With HTML5 evolution, ePUB3 slowly creep-into the content industry. E-Learning and E-Publishing merged together to create opulent content that can be accessed via mobile devices and tablets. Publishing community has moved its focus on developing their content in ePUB3 standards as it sounds as promising future of content development.

With this the 1st part of E-Learning content travel is done, now the best part is how to get this content into student/user hands? Hold-on for my next blog on E-Learning content’s travel!


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