Lektz at London Book Fair



“This year’s London Book Fair was an experience”

This is what you’ll probably hear from anyone who’s been to this year’s London Book Fair, held at Earls Court, London from 15th to 17th April. Delegates from AEL Data were present at the Fair on all 3 days and it sure was an experience for us. The first day was a spectacular beginning as we hosted publishers and delegates from the industry at our stand T605.

The pinnacle for us was the second day as our team presented the Lektz eBook Ecosystem to an amazing congregation at the Digital Theater in the venue. To say that Lektz won them over is definitely an understatement as enquiries galore. The final day was equally memorable as we got to explore the pulse of the publishing community. Our meetings with other exhibitors and visitors panned out to be avenues where we reached out and connected with our services and solutions. This London Book Fair did give us a stage to ‘Make words go further” about Lektz and AEL Data, staying true to its tagline.

Watch Here: Video of our Lektz presentation at London Book Fair.



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