Nearing The End Zone on EPUB3 – Lektz Reader 3.1 for Android

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Everyday I come across several articles and blogs about EPUB3. Many talk about its scope and might but very few can throw light on how to embrace this global standard. I believe that achieving EPUB3 is like playing Football, the American version that is. When you have the ball with your quarterback, you strategically place your receiver and then you pass the ball. But the receiver still has to go through every single linebacker, corner and safety to make a touchdown. EPUB3 is the end zone as of now and you cannot teleport to it but can get to the end zone only by getting past every single yard and defense on the field.

In that context Lektz is nearing the end zone, yard by yard. In its latest upgrade for Android, the Lektz Reader 3.1 embraces audio and video support. This is like being at the 30 yard line towards EPUB3. This is a major feature in the EPUB3 mother-lode and it sure is a major achievement for Team Lektz.

This update also brings:

– An upgraded User Interface

– Image Zoom Option

– Mobile Compatibility

The mobile compatibility feature is at an introductory stage and has it’s due stability issues. But it still ensures a pleasant experience to the users. The upgraded UI aides in that experience with its new easy-on-the-eyes look and feel. Also why wouldn’t I love an image zoom possibility in the books I read. Therefore the updates do add to a positive reading experience.

The 50 Yard Line : MathML & Media Overlay

What’s been covered so far can be termed as an easy run compared to what’s left to be. MathML and Media Overlay are core offerings of EPUB3 and it’s an integral part of STM and enhanced ebooks. The Lektz Reader is getting armed with MathML compatibility in the next upgrade to facilitate mathematical formulae and equation support in ebooks. Media Overlay support is planned alongside to support audio synchronization in educational content. The Lektz Reader is also pushing for Media Overlay to enhance support for DAISY standard ebooks for the visually impaired.

The Lektz Android Reader is growing but more importantly it’s evolving as a standalone EPUB3 reader for Android. A reader that completely supports EPUB3 in Android – Now that’s the Superbowl in the bag.

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