Featured Author: Larry Czerwonka


Larry’s work in his own words:

Each day, if we are paying attention, we are presented with a multitude of opportunities the problem is that quite often we are too “busy” to notice them.

No matter how you believe your world works, I can promise you that if you spend more time looking for the opportunities listed on the following pages you will not only find them but you will begin to see that opportunities are around you all the time, you just need to pay attention and take action.

You can go through these opportunities one at a time, beginning to end, or search for one that feels right to you or do the “flip of a coin” routine and simply turn to a page and see what opportunity you find.

However you do it, if you take the time to examine a single opportunity and then look for a way to implement it in your life you will soon find it easier and easier to create new and exciting opportunities and live a more fulfilling life and it will all come about without fate, luck, chance or some mystical law of attraction. It will happen because you took the time to seek out and take advantage of an opportunity.

For ten years, Larry headed up the infamous “Buzztone LA Lab,” the team that created the first e-cards for the record industry. Larry built award-winning websites for movie stars, AOL, Microsoft, Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Josh Groban, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears to name a few. He was the driving force behind TEDxWiakea and also founded the Big Island Empowerment Network.

You can access his books in his author page on Amazon::

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