EPUB 3 is the Global Standard, Says International Publishers Association


We all remember from what we’ve read, seen or heard that when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, it definitely was one big leap for the entire mankind. Though this is no where that dramatic, this definitely is a monumental leap for the publishing industry. So let me say that again “EPUB 3 is the Global Standard for Digital Publishing.”

Who is IPA

If I may, a short introduction to the IPA or the International Publishers Association: It is a publishing industry representative body for book and journal publishing with over 50 member countries.

How significant they are?

They are the voluntary voice of protection and promotion of publisher rights around the world with a mandate of supporting publisher freedom. IPA has an official consultative status with the United Nations, World Intellectual Property Association, UNESCO, World Trade Organization and the OECD.

In layman terms, all of this means they are big, powerful and influential.

Why EPUB 3 Gets This Approval

In the words of IPA,

  • EPUB 3 is semantically enhanced, reliably navigable, and enables publishers to progress from producing static documents to creating interactive experiences.
  • With EPUB 3, content is interoperable across devices and can adapt smoothly to different sized displays.
  • Furthermore, EPUB 3 can be made fully accessible to print disabled readers

EPUB 3 is Truly a Global Standard

EPUB 3 is fully equipped to fulfill the requirements of publishers around the world, especially in enabling language support.

  • Vertical layout – For oriental languages
  • Alternative writing – Symbols, Math Equations, etc
  • Page progression directions – Right-to-Left progression for Arabic language
  • Other typographic capabilities

Hence, the IPA has rightly observed EPUB 3 as a truly international e-book standard and has asked publishers around the world to adopt EPUB 3 to gain global credibility for their ebooks.

What this means for publishers? Well, that’s probably my next blog post.



IDPF: http://idpf.org/ipa_endorses_epub_3

IPA: http://www.infodocket.com/2013/03/12/international-publishers-association-


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