Indispensable Marketing

If you are an aspiring author of any kind, you’ve probably heard the term “platform” thrown around and wondered, “What are they talking about?” And if you tried to get published or get a literary agent,  their main objection would probably be (if you haven’t started) to build a “platform.” So, what do most publishers and literary agents mean by build a platform?

Well, most mean the ability to influence a group of people that’s large enough to make publishing a book less of a financial risk. Before 2006 and the advent of social media, audience-building meant you had to have a television show or radio show or write a regular magazine column or newspaper column. On average this required a lot of capital or  the right contacts so you can be picked.

But today, by starting a blog and making use of social networking tools like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you can…

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