Digital Book Making – IDPF Seminar on EPUB3, HTML5 at Paris Book Fair 2013


One of the most interesting seminar invitations that I’ve come across recently is the one by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The IDPF is conducting a technical seminar on HTML5, EPUB3 and digital books production at the Paris Book Fair, March 2013. I look at this seminar as the most authoritative dissemination on the above topics plainly on the basis of the caliber of  speakers who will be hosting the sessions. 

This is a must for everyone from the publishing industry, especially those who are into ebooks business. Blogs are overflowing with do’s and don’ts about the eBooks business while Publishers are investing more and more daily into eBooks. It’s all over the web and even renowned book-fairs are allocating a special category for eBooks business. This creates the urge for publishers to learn more about eBooks business and act on it.  

I would say that the most important questions asked by publishers are: How to create ebooks? How to manage ebooks? How to distribute ebooks? To me these are common yet crucial questions to start with. 

If you are a publisher who is looking to try your hand at the ebook business, then the first step you might do is to explore the technologies, policies and processes involved. A seminar as such as “Digital Book Making by IDPF” would serve as a treasure trove of such information. As I went through the seminar itinerary, I could grasp that the hosts will be touching upon the core decision issues like eBooks or Apps, EPUB2 or EPUB3, HTML5 or Web Apps. Overall, it sounds like it will be an amazing as well as a fruitful experience for the participants. 

You can Register Here:

Source: IDPF News


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