It’s time you said something in a Linkedin Group



Let’s take a poll. When was the last time you commented or took part in a Linkedin discussion?

a) Sometime back

b) Longtime back

c) Ain’t nobody got time for that

Well, I’ve got nothing to say for those ain’t got time for no Linkedin discussion. The rest of the voters,  I’m more than curious to know what made you to take part in those discussions. Was it because you knew something about the topic or because you knew nothing about the topic. Personally, I take part in these discussions for the pleasure of being able to say what I feel. Actually a lot of people do that, not just in Linkedin but on other platforms as well. Think Facebook status update and you’ll know what I’m coming around to.

Say What You Feel

I feel that’s the way it always should be on social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re the sole authority on a topic or you just heard it on the fly – just let it out. And why would you do that.

1.It’s because no one is always right and no one is always wrong.

2.It’s because you have something to say and you never know that someone out there might share the same thought.

Saying What I Feel

Let’s say, eBookstores. Yes, eBookstores. If you ask what about ebookstores? Then come visit this Linkedin Group where people just talk about ebookstores. People talk about custom ebookstores, small publishers, big publishers, ebooks and something else too. I don’t own an ebookstore, I’m not a publisher neither am I an author. Yet I go talk about ebookstores, ebooks, publishers and why they are better-off with custom-made ebookstores.

Why do I do that. It’s because I follow rules one and two. And why Linkedin – it’s because no one is wrong over there.

May be you are not any different from me and if you think so too then what are you doing still reading this blog. It’s time you said something in a Linkedin group. I recommend you start with ebookstores.


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