Lektz Custom eBookstore – Claim Your Space


If the internet is a city, then online stores are the shopping malls in a prime piece of land, located in the busiest part of the city. As popular as it may be, most  online stores are only doing more harm than good when it comes to visibility for small brands. This situation is at its worst in the publishing world. When these online bookstores overreach for a privileged few but is made a wild goose chase for the rest, what options do they have.

The biggest and the popular of ebookstores are not the best place for a small publisher who is already on a brand identity struggle. Having to compete with the big guns, forfeiting a major chunk of the sales, the numerous restrictions and other strangleholds have collectively managed to leave the small publisher desperately gasping for space.

The need of the hour is a level-playing field where the small publishers can have their own ebookstore exclusively featuring their books and brand. The Lektz eBooks Business Solution offers that level-playing field to the small and individual publishers. The idea of a custom ebookstore might seem far-fetched for many due to the constraints on cash, security, set-up time etc. But it’s the best part about Lektz – Instant Sign-up for eBookstore. Free DRM protection. Instant Storefront.

Why should small publishers wind-up beneath the shadows of the big publishers when they can have their own space and the liberty to upload, protect and sell ebooks in their own terms. The Lektz solution is well beyond just an ebookstore. It equips the publisher with a whole gamut of solutions that are required to survive, sustain and grow in this highly competitive market. No more do they have to choke, fumble and live by the whims and fancies of an unfair horde of publishing and distributing conglomerates. Lektz opens up the gates on a fair shot at the market for publishers of all sizes, regions and capability. All you have to do is “Claim Your Space”

Free Demo Here: http://www.lektz.com/ebook-store/homes/register


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