Lektz adds support for Android 4.2 devices

The latest update for Lektz eBook Reader for Android comes with some elaborate additions to its already feature packed application. Along with the additions, bugs reported by users are also fixed in this update. However the major happening is that Lektz Reader has extended its support to the array of devices that run Android 4.2. The release is versioned at 2.3, and is currently available at the Google Play Store.


The bugs reported by users were related to sideloading issues in Android 4.2 devices. This has been addressed along with some reader crash issues that affected certain users, This enables complete support for Android 4.2 tablets.

Issues Fixed in this release:

  • EPUB sideloading issues in Android 4.2 devices have been resolved (e.g. Nexus)
  • Reader crash/hang issues in Android 4.2 devices have been resolved
  • Major bugs fixed for seamless functioning across all Android tablets

The most interesting addition in this release is that Lektz brings DRM and store syncing options for the users, meaning, from now on users can access the ebooks published by various publishers in the Lektz ebookstore. Lektz has been involved in developing an ebook business solution for publishers that includes custom branded ebookstores with free DRM protection. Though the solution is in beta stage it has already garnered positive responses from various publishers. Users can register with Lektz and can browse, buy, download ebooks from different publishers using their Lektz Reader Application.

On the languages side, Support for Arabic ebooks with Right-To-Left feature and the user interface language swapping for all device running 4.0 and above is a critical improvement on the application.

New Updates Added in this release:

  • User Login support for syncing books bought from the Lektz eBookstore
  • Support for DRM protected books from Lektz eBookstore
  • Right-To-Left support for Arabic eBooks
  • Option to switch the user interface from English to Arabic and Arabic to English
  • Arabic language support for all devices running Android 4.0 and above

Video and Audio support has been temporarily disabled for technical reasons. Support for the same will be enabled in the next release.

Free Download – Lektz Android Reader 

Enjoy your ebooks with the Lektz Reader in iOS and PC as well

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