Lektz Chrome Based PC Reader – Serving A Niche Reader Requirement

Reading ebooks is no more just a geek activity but one that has fast become associated as a necessity. Some read ebooks because they find it easier to read on a device. Some read ebooks because they can carry a bunch of them on their device without adding one extra ounce for each extra book. And some read ebooks because, well it really is a cool fashion statement. So everyone has a reason or two to read. But not everyone can afford or prefers to read on iPads and the numerous Kindles and of course the Android armada of reading devices.

The user’s ebook reading platforms are not restricted to smartphones and tablets. Though it is niche, there is considerable user demand for reading ebooks on their PCs and laptops. For which a separate reading application akin to the ones in mobiles and tablets is required. The Lektz PC Reader application was developed to serve that need.

What users expect out of a PC Reader is similar to what they experience in a mobile reader application. What Lektz PC Reader offers is just about that. Support for EPUB and rendering all types of pagination  are key attributes of the Lektz PC Reader. There are also other features like Day/Night mode and Font Size customizations that enhance the user’s reading experience. The absence of any irrelevant features   reduces the noise and contributes to the ease of use.


It is available as a Google Chrome Extension that users can download for free from the Google Chrome WebStore and add as an extension to their Chrome browser. It has already garnered over 3,100 downloads and is averaging at 4 out of a maximum 5 star rating in the Chrome WebStore. It’s ease of use has prompted Bitelia.com, a popular tech-review site in the Latin Americas to review the Lektz PC Reader as one among the top PC readers currently available. In its review, Bitelia.com remarks that “The Lektz PC Reader offers a user experience that is invariably effective, without adding too many toys but focuses exclusively on reading.”

The Lektz PC Reader is only a part of a larger ambit of solutions that Lektz offers which is focused entirely on serving publisher needs.  Any publisher who considers migrating to the epublishing side of the pole is always confronted with various questions and impossible situations. The Lektz ebook business solution offers the ideal bouquet of services that any publisher needs to build a successful and cost-effective epublishing business.

Get your free download here: Lektz PC Reader – Google Chrome Webstore


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