Fun plays along with Work at AEL

Unlike the other industries, IT industry is one where employees get stressed out and insatiable. But work at AEL differs from the rest of the IT companies by providing a space for employees to have fun alongside work. AEL believes employee satisfaction and motivation are two key things that can lead a company to its success. As a firm believer in that context, AEL has a Recreation team who are employee themselves elected by others to conduct fun events and team competitions for making the company environment happening.


As one of Recreation team’s instauration, they have conducted a Bay decoration competition with the theme of “Christmas and The New Year”. All the teams at AEL participated in the contest and laid out their idealistic performances. On the occasion of the event, the AEL’s office premises appeared enamoring and festive. The colorful lights, Christmas trees, bay of balloons, techie ideas have blown up the minds of visitors and even the contest judge.  According to the participants of the contest, it has been a grand event that has offered a good price for their creativity. As a over-all live feedback from employees, they just love working at a place where they can have time for happi(y)ness.

Happily ever after, employees have ended the year 2012 with joyful and fun-filled events and are ready to start their ship at AEL for the year 2013.

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One thought on “Fun plays along with Work at AEL

  1. I Like Working At AEL Data Because It’s A Thriving Environment Where I Am Challenged To Make Technology And Business Decisions That Have A Direct Impact On The Business Daily. I Can Look Back At My History With This Company And Admit That I’ve Never Been Bored.

    Coming Here Every Day, You Become Committed To, And Proud Of, Your Job. You Feel Like You Are Part Of Something Important, On A Journey With A Great Company With A Strong Heritage, A Wonderful Team Of People And An Exciting Atmosphere.

    Best Regards,
    Gopal Singh
    Team Lead – Business Development

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