AEL Data Organizes Eye Camp for its Employees

Employee Healthcare is of paramount importance to any organization to ensure that the workforce is motivated, productive and efficient. As part of its core employee welfare measures, AEL Data organized an Eye camp for its employees at its premises. A team of seasoned eye care specialists from Vasan Eye Care, the world’s largest eye care network, examined and offered consultations to the employees.


The eye care specialists briefed the employees on the impact to the eyes from being exposed to computer monitors for long hours. They also advised on simple but essential safe  practices that employees must adhere to while spending long hours in front of computers. Intake of nutritious and vitamin rich foods like fresh fruits and dairy products were suggested to the employees to ensure that they maintain a balanced diet and reduce health risks in general.

Employees felt that the Eye Camp was beneficial in many ways. They made use of the camp to get a thorough eye examination and got their apprehensions addressed by the experts present. Most felt that they don’t usually schedule eye clinic visits in their busy routines and since they got to get their eyes examined at the workplace itself, they felt that it saved a trip to the hospital. Employees were offered corporate discounts in-case they choose to proceed with further consultations from the eye clinic.


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