Digital Era – Introduction to the Growth of Digital Media

It was long time I remember that I was searching for an ad in newspaper or magazine to buy a phone or a shoe and even for job vacancies. Not only me, Most common people aged 20s, 30s or even 40s feeling the same. The time of newspaper and magazine ads are fading out due to the intervention of digital media.

For instance, if I want to buy a phone the first thing I would like to do is compare my choice with the ones’ available in the competition. Before 5-10 years it was possible only if you visit to a nearest outlet to know about the features of the phone and compare it with the others. When you ask me is that reliable? I would say no, because the salesman will always try to sell his product. But now I’ve lots of comparison tables reliable online, it gives me clear picture of the product and even provides suggestion for buying it cheaper. I can also find users feedback on the performance of the product to know the real time scenario. These are possible only through the power of digital media.

Digital Era

Welcome to Digital Era

Google’s data states that over 2+ billion of the global population are using internet i.e. 1/3rd of the world’s total population. Due to the growth of tablets and Smartphone sales, Digital media is booming in a rapid pace. With the Smartphones and tablets in consumers’ hand, marketing a product tends to be so easy for businesses. These devices provide a fancy medium for feeding the information to the users comfortably, they also increase the time spent by users online.

The first and foremost player who took advantage of the Digital Era is Google. In US market, Google Ads generate as much as revenue generated by Newspaper and Magazines (all of them). Moreover, Google also takes 62% of the US online advertising market share while Facebook constitutes 11% and other advertising sites with 27%. This is a vivid indication of the market change in advertising industry.

BI Intelligence states that 1/7th of world’s population are using Facebook now. Where Facebook was before 5 years, how is it possible for Facebook to attract these many people in a short span? It’s the ideas which make the difference, Consumers need to be attracted. Digital content is one way of attracting decent crowd, I would rather say a more affordable way of attracting audience irrespective of age, gender, country, etc.

The possible ways for bringing Newspapers and Magazines into Digital Era and the wide-spread spectrum of tools available to promote your product through Digital Era will be available in forthcoming blogs.

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