Now you can Share, Like, Follow, Hash-tag Lektz @ Social Media

So what’s the big deal, a million other brands are online and most don’t even update their website address on their social media pages. Are we here to show that we can also create colorful memes and hash-tags infused with promotional messages? Well we wouldn’t ask you to think twice about these quips but we’ll surely ask you to talk to us about it. And that is why Lektz has locked-on the Social Media mode.

In the words of Scott Cook, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is”. So is this what we are trying to do by getting Lektz on social media? Be assured netizens that this is what it is all about. Having a marketing guy in front of a PC to ‘login’ on every other social media site to check the number of ‘likes’, ‘follows’ for a brand is definitely not how we want to go about it.

Comment on our pages, it means the world to us. Share your opinions about Lektz with us, we welcome you with open arms. Bring your expertise to our discussions, we endorse your participation. Post your feedback, if negative, we leave no stone unturned to bring that solution to you. Just literally drive our ‘marketing’ guy and the technical teams from pillar to post, to find answers for your questions about the Lektz Business Solution.

How do I start an ebookstore? Should I enable DRM for my ebooks? Could I get a branded ebook reader app for my ebookstore? If there is no revenue sharing in Lektz, how does my ebookstore pay you? Well, Don’t just ask us these questions. Instead we urge you to Demand from us answers for all such questions about Lektz. Get to know us through our social media pages and become a part of our Lektz family.

We are overwhelmed by the responses we have received for our Lektz Twitter account and are prepping to bring you more content that you want to read, share and enjoy about. We don’t want to Do social, we want to Be social, so come join us on this journey.

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