Spanish Tech-Review Site Bitelia Reviews Lektz

Surviving the test of time is the ultimate quest that every single product craves to achieve in order to validate itself among its competitors and patrons as a truly world-class entity. The users and the critics are the real adjudicators of a product’s worth. In that lines, today’s Tech-blogs and independent bloggers are the critics whose verdict on any new product is revered by the users as a key factor in choosing the product.

AEL Data’s Lektz PC Reader has been recently reviewed by, a highly influential Tech-Review Website among the Spanish and the Latin-American Tech users. The article reviews the best Web-Based Readers for reading ebooks in PC and the Lektz PC Reader is reviewed on par with the best in its class. The article records how the Lektz Reader ensures an effective reading experience and also captures how the reader application is fit with what is necessary to retain reading as the priority rather than having irrelevant glitz and distractions.

The article also explores the fact that Lektz is not merely a PC reader but a brand that delivers a complete business solution by offering publishers and users the possibility of owning their custom ebookstore, while it still packs a brilliant reader application for the user. The review article is truly a validation of the fact that Lektz is a completely functional product that stands tall among its competitors, and on the whole is a one of a kind solution.

Translated excerpt from the original article:

 “Again we dive into the world of a pleasant ePUB format reader that can be installed as a Chrome extension. With Lektz you can read files that are in ePUB 2 – the most popular format, generally referred to without the number and ePUB 3.   It has support for other devices and offers a user experience invariably effective, without adding too many toys but focuses exclusively on reading. It also gives us the ability to read PDFs, from the browser.

             It is a tool originally designed for publishers, that is, more of a business solution than anything else, but  personal users can also find profit. Its potential as a reader are present, further complemented by the option to create our own online book store. It’s not something we need to do every day, but hey, it’s nice to know we have the option.”

Find the complete article here:


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