Guaranteeing a Wholesome Reading Experience – Lektz iOS Reader for Tablets & Smartphones

Be it a book-toting student or an aficionado of novels or just an avid reader of books, the buzz-word among them is “eBooks”. It has become a common thing to expect an ebook version of any new publication that hits the book rack. But what’s unreal is how the different ebook reading devices available in the market are driving the users to the edge, due to differences in compatibility and functionality.

The key issue is that different reading devices support different ebook formats and layouts, which means an ebook that is compatible on one device may not be with another. And therefore if a title that you would really want to read is available only for a specific device, then you may not be able to access the ebook on a different device. Thankfully, this issue is being overcome by installing a reader application on your device which helps you read different ebook formats irrespective of the make of a device. The Lektz reader is one such application, available for both iOS and Android devices. A PC version that is compatible with the Chrome browser is also available via the Chrome Web Store. But what is so special about the Lektz reader? What makes it one among the best?


 Reading an ebook on a Lektz reader is a different experience all together mainly due to the possibilities that are packed into its features. Lektz has been developed with the main purpose of supporting the IDPF standards across different platforms and this aspect is the core differentiating factor for Lektz. There is complete support for ebooks with embedded audio and video. Any interactivity that is built into the ebook is supported seamlessly. All your ebooks that have been synced with Lektz is displayed in its book-shelf and available for offline reading as well. And the most interesting feature would be the Right-to-Left script support for Arabic ebooks and the vertical script support for Japanese and Chinese ebooks. The Lektz Reader guarantees that as a user and an ebook enthusiast, you are able to get the wholesome experience from your novels, comics, cookbooks, interactive learning books, college textbooks and much more.

It’s Free. It’s Functional. It’s Compatible. And it has more to offer, viz-a-viz,

  • Import eBooks in ePub2, ePub3 and PDF formats into Lektz iOS reader using iTunes file sharing
  • Supports ePub3 features such as Audio & Video embedding, assessments and Javascript
  • Search and sorting options to find your eBook from Lektz library
  • Lektz iOS reader provides both Swipe and Tap navigation
  • Customize your reading experience using the theme options available in the reader
  • Navigate easily using Lektz iOS reader’s Bookmark, TOC and GOTO page options available.
  • Edit and Access the Book info provided by the author or publisher in the books available in your Lektz eBooks library
  • Options such as page flip, pinch zoom and image tap zoom for enhancing user experience
  • eBooks in Arabic, Japanese, Persian, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, etc. are supported in Lektz iOS reader

Get the wholesome reading experience by Downloading the Free Lektz iOS Reader here:


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