Application is really needed for your event

Events are nothing but engagement, but extending that engagement beyond the event is quite a challenge for many event planners, marketers and conference organizers. Many event organizers have started to think about mobile applications.

It is a good step forward for event technology, and a positive sign that the event industry is moving forward, especially in the business environment, use smartphones and printed brochures are losing their popularity.

Find why you should provide an event application for your attendees:

Everything in a single device:  Attendees always prefer an engaging and interactive format of materials. Let them easily access an event schedule, view sessions and sponsors info.

Map not to get lost: Insure delegates know all the venue details. Help your guests getting to the right place in time.

Plus for sponsors: Connect your sponsors to a much targeted audience and increase their interaction. Also, mobile app is a good way to share special offerings.

No paper trash and harm to nature: Making last minute changes in program is very tempting – with a mobile application it is easy. Care about nature – the app is more environmentally friendly.

Not to depend on the Internet: Native mobile app works efficiently in any case and no need to worry about the connection speed as well.

Simplified version of the website: Thinking about a small copy of your home page? Mobile app can contain all the information from the website and much more.

Prestige and modern: Information will be stored directly on your attendees’ mobile devices allowing them to navigate, interact and engage with your affair effectively. The event will be associated with doing something cool and progressive, while at the same time providing a useful service to participants.

Marketing tool: Attendees can download personalized application well in advance and share it with their colleagues and friends. Recommendations are the best advertisement for your affair.

Great for multiple events:  For multiple and/or annual events this tool is a must-have. Showcase your company logos, images and more to intended audience. Provide delegates with the info about next event in time.

With a growing number of people going mobile and printed event guides becoming less desirable — creating a mobile app for the conference, event, forum or meeting is a necessity.

Delegates expect nothing less. Giving them an engaging, easy-to-use tool will create a better experience and place your event well above the competition.

Contact us today and we will find the best solution for your event together!


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