Extremely Desirable Mobile Apps – In Smartphone War

Mobile apps for Apple and Android devices

United States holds the world’s largest smartphone market, based on the Nielsen data during Q2 2012 smartphone penetration continued to grow with 54.9 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers owning smartphones as of June 2012. This growth is driven by increasing smartphone purchases: two out of three Americans who acquired a new mobile phone in the last three months chose a smartphone instead of a feature phone.

Among the smartphones OS market share, Android leads the market in terms of pure penetration with 51.8% and Apple’s iOS right behind it with 34%.Despite another quarterly drop, Research in Motion (RIM) holds third position with 8.1%.Rest of the competitors with below 5% in Q2 2012.

Market share for smartphones

Among the smartphone manufacturers, Apple holds 1st position with the highest manufacturer share by 34% and followed by android based manufacturers Samsung with 17%, HTC with 14% and Motorola with 11% respectively.
Driven mostly by the rise of Android and iOS users the need for their mobile applications increased. AT&T conducted a survey recently and found that two third of small businesses say they couldn’t survive without mobile apps. It shows clear indication for the need of mobile apps to be successful in businesses.

Smartphone manufacturer market share


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