Apple’s iOS 6 – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

iOS 6 update

On Monday 11th June 2012, Apple launched iOS 6 beta versions with exciting new features at the WWDC in San Francisco California. This new iOS update will be available to the iPhone/iPad users as a free update in fall 2012.

This new iOS 6 has over 200 features updated from previous iOS 5. But the key update that grabs our attention is Apple’s 3D maps that challenge Google maps.
Apple 3D maps
The feud between the two tech-giants was once again proved by Apple. Apple dumped the Google’s mapping service which was a built-in feature in most of the iPhone and iPads with the Apple’s 3D maps update in iOS 6. With this 3D maps, users will find it easier to share their location on Facebook. There are a lot more for users in Apple’s 3D maps including Local search, 100 million business listings, Info card with Yelp ratings, review and photos of the location, Traffic view with incident report, zoom in and zoom out, rotate, turn by turn navigation and an amazing new Flyover view.
The other remarkable updates are Siri features update like support for more languages such as English, French, German and Japanese and add support for Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. Siri’s inclusion in 15 countries, through Siri you can launch Facebook, Twitter and update your status in it are adding value to iOS 6. Built-in Facebook app also has undergone some notable update and gives the best user experience in a mobile device. To wrap up things iCloud finishes up in style, serves as a best mode for sharing pictures, data, etc.  We can expect iOS 6 update in almost all the iPhone and iPad in upcoming months. Nevertheless iOS 6 update appears to me as Apple challenging Google with Apple’s 3D maps to show its battle with Google.
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