AEL Data Is Excited To Launch Lektz – eReader Solutions

AEL Data launches Lektz An innovative portal for publishers to sell, distribute, protect and manage their eBooks online. Lektz offers a free e-reader for iPads, Android tablets and PC platforms: one reader to rule them all!

Our Lektz Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution curtails piracy and restricts ‘shareability’ of your digital assets. If you are a publisher, you can register on the site and sell or distribute your books with DRM protection. Without making any investment, you can just upload your eBooks, specify the price and decide whether you want to sell them with our DRM protection. You don’t even need a payment gateway. We will ensure your money reaches you.

If you are a bibliophile, this is the site for you! You can now browse through the eBooks store on our website and read some of our eBooks for free on your PC, tablet or mobile device. You can purchase and download eBooks. Exciting e-reader features, such as Bookmark, Page flip, Night mode, Book shelf, Zooming, TOC and Comments will offer you an engaging and superlative user experience.

Lektz hands over the control of your digital assets back to where it belongs: YOU.

Download and Try it to feel it from here – Lektz eReader –


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